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How to Stay Postive in a Digital World

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Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat Zinn
Mindfulness for Mums and Dads

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Ben Brown
Steve Brooker
Chris Prouse

Admin Admin Podcast #055 Shownotes – We Get Corrected


Jon’s Subnet Helper Sheet

OSI Model:

TCP/IP Model:

MTU Size:

Telegram Group:

Recursive InterNetwork Architecture


OggCamp – – 19th and 20th August – Canterbury UK

Admin Admin Podcast #054 Shownotes – Lot of Listeners Interaction

Apps which Jerry mentions:

Mysterious Universe Podcast

How to send an ‘E mail’ – Database – 1984
Internet shopping – Database – 1984
Lan Speed Lite
Export DHCP

Micro Live on Iplayer

Facebook post

The Binary Times Podcast

Office 365 Links

Single Item Recovery

Single Item Recovery in Exchange Server 2010

Admin Admin Podcast #053 Shownotes – Subnetting all the way

Gnome coming the default desktop: Popey‘s blog post and Stuart Langridge blog post
Quake drop down Terminal Al uses in linux.
OSI Model
non routable IP address
Online IP Subnet calculator
Bit Cricket Subnet Software


The Example Al was Giving: / 22 ( – The Current subnet the site was Using it could have upto 1022 Host. – – Usable IP address Range - – Devices with static IP address – – DHCP Range – Clients – – spare

We Divided the subnet into the following smaller subnets /24 -254 address for server /24 – PCI -254 address forr PCI Server /23 – DHCP – 510 address for Clients

Intro to IPv4 Subnetting Video

Subnetting Cisco CCNA -Part 1 The Magic Number Video

REST API – postman and fiddler

Lara Croft in browser

Theme hospital

sysadmin today podcast

Iron Sysadmin Podcast


Admin Admin Podcast #052 Shownotes – We Are Back!

Al been working on Ships

Andy been working in the dentist pratices

Jerry has now job working with docker containers

Admin Admin Epsiode on Containers
Kubernetes – container orchestration scheduler
Aruba Utilities – Android WiFi App
Game of Life
Oggcamp – SAT 19th AUG and SUN 20th AUG 2017 in CANTERBURY, UK
Fosstalk Live

AL scripts for Auditing

Run these command on each server:

Get the hardware serial number of the server

wmic bios get serialnumber

Get more hardware info

wmic computersystem get model,name,manufacturer,systemtype

Displayed the roles and features installed on the server

Import-module servermanager ; Get-WindowsFeature | where-object {$_.Installed -eq $True} | format-list DisplayName

Lists the installed windows updates

WMIC /output:C:\Users\installupdates.txt qfe get

Lists Installed application installed on the server

 WMIC /output:c:\Users\Installapps.txt product get name,version

List the CA Servers in Active Directory

certutil -config - -ping


Hi chaps

Just found your podcast, I started on #49, but I was yelling at my player when you were talking about crafting the router scripts.

What you need is a macro processor, have a look at pyexpander, though there are lots of others. The simpler way would be to put some unique strings into the document like $IP-ADDRESS$ and then do a global replace on these strings. Sort of manual macro processor.

Keep up the good work on the podcast


Admin Admin Podcast #051 Shownotes – Basics of OpenStack

Al had issue with his VPS and had to restore one of his Database, Cert bot  to create and renew certs for Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Andy also had issues with wordpress

Jerry has issue with large log files filling up his hosted server.

Common OpenStack Deployments – The book al was talking about

High Availability for Pets and Hypervisors – State of The Nation – Good youtube video explain issue with HA in OpenStack this.


Handle the identity between services. Provide authentication and access management to OpenStack.


Provides a web interface and api to manage OpenStack instances.


Provide the compute (ie hypervisor) to run the instances. This run KVM. There is scheduler and conductor to automate the created and delete of instances.


Send messages between the services using Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). I.E a user requests a new instance in Horizon. Message is sent via rabbitMQ to NOVA-conductor where an instance is created via NOVA-scheduler and then a message is then set back to Horizon once the instance has been created


Handles the networking stack, provides networks encapsulation (VXLAN),Firewalling Loadblancing and Floating IPs.


Hold images to provide to instance to transfer them to a nova services.


Provide charageback and telemetry of the resources used in OpenStack


Provides block storage to instances. Cinder can present mountable volumes to instances


Object Storage which developer can use API to access high available storage.


Bare metal provisioning of physical hardware to provide provisioning of nova hosts using IPMI (IE ILO) also can be used to power and shutdown physical hardware depending on hardware load.


To provide support of containers in OpenStack.

Admin Admin Podcast #050 – Show Notes – Retro Computers

Do you have a plan what to do when your network gets hit by a CryptoLocker? Because it is a matter of “if” not “when”, best is to be prepared. Of course, most of you will have Veeam backups – however, before you restore those, you need to find and kill the source of malware, right? And not everyone know how to proceed here. Usually, it is dead simple: just open properties of the decryption instructions file that gets created by ransomware, and see who is the file owner – this will usually point to the infected user/machine. If that does not help because the owner is a group (or ransomware is super smart), go to Computer Management snap-in on the file server with files being encrypted, and open Shares > Open Files. One of the users will have hundreds of open files, this would be it. Now, just disable that user and their computer account until the issue is resolved, and perform the restore from the latest Veeam backup!

Easily upgrade ESXi 5.x to the latest ESXi 6.0 via CLI

[Fixed] Windows 10 Limited Connectivity and Not Getting IP from DHCP



Alister Retro Computers

Acorn Electron
BBC Micro at Primary School with LOGO and Chuckie Egg
CPC 6128 with colour screen and 3” disk.
Middle School – Acorn Archimedes – First Mouse
High School –
Apple Mac Plus
Apple – Macintosh Plus + External HD + Macintosh LC – CD Rom Drive with CD Caddy.
Windows 3.11 at colloeuge
First PC – Windows 95 P1 -150mmx
Windows 95 Plus
NT4 Server

Andy Retro Computers

Amstrad CPC 464
Amiga 500 Plus
386 + 486SX

Jerry Retro Computers

ZX Spectrum
386 PC – Amstrad(!)
PC (386)
PC (486-DX)
PC (Pentium of some kind?)
PC (Athlon)

Other things we Mentioned

Knightwise TV Show
Imagine 3D Software
Go 8 Bits
ISDN BT Highway
BBC Horizon: 1977-1978 Now The Chips Are Down
Micro Men
Amstrad Mega PC
Sega Game Coding in Assembly – Computerphile

Admin Admin Podcast #049 – Show Notes – Or And Not Logic Gates

Al been been building Switch Stack- Ansible Network Modules
Andy been adding 1Gb Networks card to his NAS
Jerry been playing with Apache Modules and IP Tables.





Andy Linus Network Commands

andy@skynet:~$ netstat -i

Kernel Interface table


enp3s0     1500 0      2319      0     17 0          1493      0      0      0 BMRU

lo        65536 0       931      0      0 0           931      0      0      0 LRU

andy@skynet:~$ ip link show

1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1

   link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00

2: enp3s0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000

   link/ether f4:f2:6d:03:47:5a brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

3: enp0s7: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000

   link/ether 00:1d:72:ba:d5:74 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

# The loopback network interface

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface

auto enp3s0

iface enp3s0 inet static






       # dns-* options are implemented by the resolvconf package, if installed


Admin Admin Podcast #048 – Show Notes – Branches and Windows Server 2016

Al Talks about Branches in Windows 10:

  • Insider Program
  • Current Branch (CB)
  • Current Branch for Business (CBB)
  • Long-term Servicing Branch (LTSB)

Move Windows to other screen which is not attched

etc keeper

Blackblaze API


Admin Admin Podcast #047 – Show Notes – Going It Alone

Al Went to this event – can you spot him!
Docker networking Video Series
What Jerry recommend as offsite backup: Crash Plan
Rackspace Lon5
Jerry WordPress X-Addon Plugin issue
Geekster Podcast
Podnuts Pro Podcast
Vim cheatsheat

Why would you?


  • As a contractor, you work for your own company who supplies services to the company you’re working for. They don’t have to pay for holidays/national insurance/pension, etc.
  • They take no risk – you often have to take out insurance as a contractor


  • The money is much better
  • “Tax efficiency”. Pay yourself a nominal salary that keeps you under the PAYE threshold
  • Pay yourself dividends, which are only subject to corporation tax
  • Pay VAT as a lump sum to HMRC on profits only – can claim it back on any business expenses
  • Business expenses also eat into profits, but lower profits mean a lower overall tax bill


Are you aware of Hacktoberfest? Contribute 4 Pull Requests to any github project (including documentation, unit tests or even *shock horror* code…) and get a T-Shirt and stickers.

It’s a great idea for getting people dipping their toes into using git, and potentially into contributing to open source projects.

I “won” it last year (as in, I completed my four PRs and got the T-Shirt and stickers), and I’m entered again for this year.

All the best,

Jon “The Nice Guy”