About the Admin Admin podcast

Admin Admin podcast is a show by three English guys who talk about servers and networks. It’s a podcast for people working in the real world of IT – if you work on a helpdesk, or you’re a network engineer, an IT consultant, a computer tech who wants to know more about servers or even if you want to get a job in the IT field this podcast is for you.

Al is based in East Anglia and works for an IT company which maintains large and small scale business IT infrastructures.

Andy is based on The Wirral and owns his own IT consulting / repair company and services home and small business / SBS clients.

Jerry knows some Windows stuff too, but brings his experience of Linux distributions and applications to the mix, giving the show even more flavour.

Every show is intended to be an interesting and helpful mix of stories and problems that we have encountered during the week, sometimes with a focus on a particular aspect of server maintenance or networking used within business environments.

Music used on the show:  Now It’s Over by the ClayFoxes
Music By the ClayFoxes.     https://www.youtube.com/user/TheClayfoxes

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