About the Admin Admin podcast

Admin Admin podcast is a show by three English guys who talk about servers and networks. It’s a podcast for IT Professionals – for everyone from the helpdesk agent, the network engineer, the IT consultant, to the computer tech who wants to know more about servers or even if you want to get a job in the IT field this podcast is for you.
Every show is intended to be an interesting and helpful mix of stories and problems that we have encountered during the week, sometimes with a focus on a particular aspect of server maintenance or networking used within business environments.
Your Hosts:

  • Al is based in East Anglia and works for an IT company which maintains large and small scale business IT infrastructures. He like call himself a Infrastructure Architect, who deal mainly with Windows Servers, VMware, SAN and Networking.
  • Jerry knows some Windows stuff too, but specialises in Linux. Lately he’s started to market himself as a “Devops Engineer”, as people will generally pay more for those. Specialising in automation, monitoring and config management, he’s recently discovered the joys of immutable infrastructure and definitely prefers cattle to pets.
  • Jon is employed as a Network Security consultant, but earned his spurs working through helpdesk support, on-site support, and server support. He’s also an organiser of conferences, radio amateur and an occasional coder.
  • Stuart is a Site Reliability Engineer, spending time on monitoring and managing cloud infrastructure. Previously he has worked as a DevOps Engineer and as a Network Engineer/Architect for a number of internet service providers.
  • Andy (on hiatus) is based on The Wirral and owns his own IT consulting / repair company and services home and small business / SBS clients.

We’re also amazingly lucky to have the support of Dave Lee of The Bugcast who takes our talking and turns it into a show. In the past, we’ve also occasionally had the help of Joe Ressington of Late Night Linux who did the same thing.
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Music used on the show: Now It’s Over by The ClayFoxes