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Admin Admin Podcast #030 Show notes – Flashing Like a Christmas Tree

This Week:

Al has been sorting out switches which where set-up in dasiy chain fashion.
Andy has been continuing  setup vlans in the posh shirt shop

Setup Vlans at the posh shirt shop

AP-810 – Is the wireless access point used.
Setup VLANs on Draytek.
Changed the management port the number of Vigor and limit the access the limit the IP address which access it.
Wireless Client MAC Isolate 

Spanning Tree

The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is a network protocol that ensures a loop-free topolog.

Trunking in HP E-Series Switches is defined as a trunk is a single logical, higher bandwidth link formed by bundling several links together. Cisco call this an EtherChannel.

Trunking in cisco world is a trunk is a link between two switches carrying traffic
belonging to multiple VLANs.

In HP A-series switch link aggregation is term used to bundling several links together to create higher bandwidth link.

BDU packetsRoot bridge, Root port

Types of Spanning Tree protocols

  • STP
  • RSTP  (Rapid Spanning Tree)
  • MSTP (Multi Spanning Tree)
  • PVSTP (Per-VLAN Spanning Tree)

PRTG Software to monitor Bandwith of a port
ntop – ntop is a network probe that shows network usage in a way similar to what top does for processes


Admin Admin Podcast #029 Show Notes – Office 365 Migration Part 2

Main migrations methods to Office365
-PST Migration
-3rd Party Tools – Code 2 / MigrationWiz
-Cut over Migration
-Staged Migration

Staged Migration

– Only Supported in exchange 2003,2007
– Requires Dirsync and Public Cert + Autodiscover / Outlook anywhere is working
– You can move mailboxes one at time or in batches, Uses the users onmicrosoft email to send- email between onsite and office365.
– Create batch migrations using CSV, This forward all emails to the user email address.
– Then you need to convert the onsite mailbox to mail enable users.
– User need to reconfigure outlook to use office 365
– When everybody migrated to office 365 update SCP record and MX record.


– You can move mailboxes between office 365 and onsite and back again.
– Outlook does not need to be reconfigured.
– Requires a least one exchange 2013 server, with the mailbox and cas role installed but does not need to host mailbox,
-Requires a SSL cert (need to be configured correctly in exchange) configured in autodiscover / outlook anywhere and SMTP Connector
-Install Dirsync and run Hybrid configuration wizard to configure exchange to speak to office365
-Use mailbox move to move the mailbox to office365.
-You need decide if you are pointing MX records to office365 or the onsite exchange.
Youtube Video on Hybrid Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Deployment

Admin Admin Podcast #028 Show Notes – VLANing systemd

– 28 is the atomic weight of silicon

Centos 7
First impressions from Al:
– You can now setup local user in the setup
– Can still login as root via SSH
– ifconfig does not seem work any more
-mariadb is now the default rather then mysql

Systemd corner
– systemctl for services
– NIC naming – systemd “predictable interface names
– Units

Oldskool “vi” is difficult

– Sudo: You’re Doing it Wrong
Sudo – you’re doing it wrong
– XKCD – Sudo make me a sandwich, the naughty list

Andy latest jobs involves setting up three separate network using one vigor
Here is the purposed digram Al design using


– Setup Vlans on vigor

Al has been doing some more Exchange Migration stuff
Remove stale public folder in exchange 2007
The order what Autodiscover try to use to configure Outlook

Do we need to put anything in about LIsten Email in the show notes? Link to podcast. Traking projecy-riskp
– The new podcast Al has found about: tubb talk is talking about glue it