Admin Admin Podcast #028 Show Notes – VLANing systemd

– 28 is the atomic weight of silicon

Centos 7
First impressions from Al:
– You can now setup local user in the setup
– Can still login as root via SSH
– ifconfig does not seem work any more
-mariadb is now the default rather then mysql

Systemd corner
– systemctl for services
– NIC naming – systemd “predictable interface names
– Units

Oldskool “vi” is difficult

– Sudo: You’re Doing it Wrong
Sudo – you’re doing it wrong
– XKCD – Sudo make me a sandwich, the naughty list

Andy latest jobs involves setting up three separate network using one vigor
Here is the purposed digram Al design using


– Setup Vlans on vigor

Al has been doing some more Exchange Migration stuff
Remove stale public folder in exchange 2007
The order what Autodiscover try to use to configure Outlook

Do we need to put anything in about LIsten Email in the show notes? Link to podcast. Traking projecy-riskp
– The new podcast Al has found about: tubb talk is talking about glue it