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Admin Admin Podcast #051 Shownotes – Basics of OpenStack

Al had issue with his VPS and had to restore one of his Database, Cert bot  to create and renew certs for Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Andy also had issues with wordpress

Jerry has issue with large log files filling up his hosted server.

Common OpenStack Deployments – The book al was talking about

High Availability for Pets and Hypervisors – State of The Nation – Good youtube video explain issue with HA in OpenStack this.


Handle the identity between services. Provide authentication and access management to OpenStack.


Provides a web interface and api to manage OpenStack instances.


Provide the compute (ie hypervisor) to run the instances. This run KVM. There is scheduler and conductor to automate the created and delete of instances.


Send messages between the services using Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). I.E a user requests a new instance in Horizon. Message is sent via rabbitMQ to NOVA-conductor where an instance is created via NOVA-scheduler and then a message is then set back to Horizon once the instance has been created


Handles the networking stack, provides networks encapsulation (VXLAN),Firewalling Loadblancing and Floating IPs.


Hold images to provide to instance to transfer them to a nova services.


Provide charageback and telemetry of the resources used in OpenStack


Provides block storage to instances. Cinder can present mountable volumes to instances


Object Storage which developer can use API to access high available storage.


Bare metal provisioning of physical hardware to provide provisioning of nova hosts using IPMI (IE ILO) also can be used to power and shutdown physical hardware depending on hardware load.


To provide support of containers in OpenStack.