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Admin Admin Podcast #036 Show Notes – Everyday Carry

36 is the atomic number of krypton and in binary it is 100100 and 36 UK gallons in a Beer barrel

Andy been dealing with a customer who built a computer incorrectly and having issue with powerline

Jerry also has been have issues with powerline and using DD to clone a laptop and playing btrfs,containers and a new pyhiscal server

Al been play with cloud based marcoine wifi unit

Al Every Day Carry:

The bag Al wants: TImbuk2 Messenger Bag


Maxpedition Pocket Organizer (Bit like a pencil case) (Pic in show notes)
Small notepad
Fat / Thin Sharpie (Permanent marker)
LED Lenser P3 Tourch (single AA)
Mechanical Pencil
HP Server Allen Key
USB keys:
* Latest HP SPP (Service Pack For Proliant)
* Ubnuntu Mate Live CD
* Blank 8GB USB Disk
Letheman Skeletool
Belkin Precision Flat head / Phillips Screwdriver

In my bag

Always Notepad A4/A5
Draytek Screw Driver
1TB 2.5 HD in a removeable USB HD caddy
HP Usb mouse
Cheap CAT5 Cable Tester
1 x 2M straight through cat 5 Cable connected to a 2 meter crossover cable with cat5 coupler. USB serial Connecter with 3 cable now cisco cable which can be used on HP/Cisco switch – DB9 to Cat5, and two type od DB9 either end for older cisco switches and APC UPS.
Roll of velcro.
Al Laptop:  HP ProBook 650 G1 Laptop

Jerry EDC

Philips screwdriver
Needlenose pliers
Socket set (rack rails, etc.)
USB-Serial cable
Cable ties/roll of velcro (usually scrounged off network engineers 🙂
Network cable
Live USB key

Andy EDC

2 bags and Box in the Car

Bag One:
CDs, (Various windows OS, trinity, ubuntu live,)
Usb pens (Clean up tools. Ccleaner, JRT, ADW Cleaner, various scripts),
usb hard drive
iso images incase i need to burn a disk/

Bag Two:
Ethernet tester.
RJ45 plugs,
Crimping tool for it.

Box in car.
Power supply, keyboard, Switchs, ADSL Router

Andy Software List

Lan Speed Test
Crystal Disk Portable Personal
Revo uninstall
Portable Browers

Jerry Software List

SSH client/Terminal

Al Software List

MSTSC / mRemoteNG
Ping / Tracert
Putty (SSH/Telnet Client)
Outlook and Chrome
Password Reset tool