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Admin Admin Podcast #68 Shownotes – Live from OggCamp 2018

Thank you Joe Ressington for recording and producing the Show!

Talks Mention in the Show:
Load Balancing 101 & Building a Linux Load Balancer
Plumbing for non-plumbers
Matrix, the year to date
rst2pdf: Use a text editor, make a 
Technologists of the World Unite. You have nothing to lose but your bosses!
Morality and Ethics – Caring is Everything

Other things mention in the show:

Admin Admin Podcast #67 Shownotes – It’s all about the VPNs!

Storage Replica
Mind mapping
Mike Tech Show

Type of VPNs:

Different Type of VPNs:

Admin Admin Podcast #66 – Start your tech gathering engines!

This show we will talk about starting your own tech gathering, Creating a Linux based boot images, A general discussion on IT education and Jon give us the lowdown on the upcoming Oggcamp event.

Show Notes: