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Admin Admin Podcast #052 Shownotes – We Are Back!

Al been working on Ships

Andy been working in the dentist pratices

Jerry has now job working with docker containers

Admin Admin Epsiode on Containers
Kubernetes – container orchestration scheduler
Aruba Utilities – Android WiFi App
Game of Life
Oggcamp – SAT 19th AUG and SUN 20th AUG 2017 in CANTERBURY, UK
Fosstalk Live

AL scripts for Auditing

Run these command on each server:

Get the hardware serial number of the server

wmic bios get serialnumber

Get more hardware info

wmic computersystem get model,name,manufacturer,systemtype

Displayed the roles and features installed on the server

Import-module servermanager ; Get-WindowsFeature | where-object {$_.Installed -eq $True} | format-list DisplayName

Lists the installed windows updates

WMIC /output:C:\Users\installupdates.txt qfe get

Lists Installed application installed on the server

 WMIC /output:c:\Users\Installapps.txt product get name,version

List the CA Servers in Active Directory

certutil -config - -ping


Hi chaps

Just found your podcast, I started on #49, but I was yelling at my player when you were talking about crafting the router scripts.

What you need is a macro processor, have a look at pyexpander, though there are lots of others. The simpler way would be to put some unique strings into the document like $IP-ADDRESS$ and then do a global replace on these strings. Sort of manual macro processor.

Keep up the good work on the podcast