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Admin Admin Podcast #027 Show Notes – Nmaping it all up

This Episode:

  • Al has beem doing more exchange 2013 stuff
  • Andy has been Testing Windows 10
  • Jerry been moving house and has done a talk on Ansible (Links to the Google slides)

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Admin Admin Podcast #026 – Office 365 Migration Part 1

This week it is only Al and Andy. We start a new series, where we discuss all thing Office 365 and the different ways to migrate to Office 365.

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Admin Admin Podcast #026 Show Notes – Office 365 Migration Part 1



DDOS Attack with RIP v1 Protocol 


Office 365 Migration Part 1

Migration methods to Office 365

  • PST
  • staged 
  • cutover
  • hybrid
  • 3rd Party Tools

A brief overview on Cutover Migration

supports exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013

  • Remove old unused mailbox which do not need to imported to exchange
  • create office365 account and setup DNS but do not create any accounts or change mx records
  • set-up outlook anywhere with a public SSL certificate
  • In office 365 select a Cutover Migration to start importing accounts, the mail and accounts get import automatically
  • Once everything has imported successfully redirect MX records to office365
  • Update Autodiscover DNS record
  • Recreate outlook profiles to point to office 365