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Admin Admin Podcast #61 Show Notes – Not quite so ephemeral

Show notes:

  • Relaunched the podcast!
    • Andy has stepped back πŸ™
    • Jon Spriggs has stepped in πŸ™‚
    • Al and Jerry are sticking around πŸ™‚
    • We’re planning to do a monthly release (starting this month!)
    • Hopefully better audio (although, Jerry’s audio played up a bit in the middle… we know why, we’re fixing it for the next time!)
    • If you want us to make any changes, let us know!
  • How do you name servers?
    • Al mentioned the Iron Sysadmin Podcast
    • We basically concluded that naming by function is probably best in managed networks, but that’s based on how you manage your security posture.
    • We briefly touched on how we name our personal machines… but who typically has more than one personal laptop? πŸ™‚
    • It’s different in cloud environments – hosts may have ephemeral names, and Jon explained about Ephemeral Naming, and how that works with DNS names.
  • Talking about home routers
  • Home labs
    • Jon mentioned the Home Labs facebook group
    • Jon and Al mentioned their home lab kit, while Jerry explained how he threw away all his old kit, and now uses the cloud
    • Jon explained how he got in trouble because he got rid of his old kit and explained how he debugged hardware failure on a computer with no spare parts
    • All the hosts explain that they virtualize everything
    • Jon and Jerry both use talked about using Vagrant to stand up boxes both locally and remotely using the Digital Ocean Plugin or AWS Plugin. Jerry has also used the VSphere Plugin and mentioned the Azure Plugin. Jerry mentioned using the Mosh plugin and Jon mentioned the you can use RDP (as well as SSH) and talks about the Vagrant Cachier plugin
    • Jerry mentioned “Kubernetes the Hard Way
    • Jon explained how he separates out the Vagrant boxes on his home server, and (at GREAT LENGTH) incorrectly explained how he sets up the networking for his VPN appliance – he’ll explain more in another show!
    • Al mentioned Openstack
    • Jerry mentioned the “Partner Acceptance Test” and noted that anything more significant than what we have would fail this test
  • Firewalls
  • AOB