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Admin Admin Podcast #069 – Message received, decoded and understood

Sorry for the long wait for the release of this podcast. Normal service will be resumed shortly. In this show we discuses renew your SSL cert easily on windows, centralize your authentication and making sure your MTA can receive email over TLS.

Show Notes:

Admin Admin Podcast #68 Shownotes – Live from OggCamp 2018

Thank you Joe Ressington for recording and producing the Show!

Talks Mention in the Show:
Load Balancing 101 & Building a Linux Load Balancer
Plumbing for non-plumbers
Matrix, the year to date
rst2pdf: Use a text editor, make a 
Technologists of the World Unite. You have nothing to lose but your bosses!
Morality and Ethics – Caring is Everything

Other things mention in the show:

Admin Admin Podcast #67 Shownotes – It’s all about the VPNs!

Storage Replica
Mind mapping
Mike Tech Show

Type of VPNs:

Different Type of VPNs:

Admin Admin Podcast #65 Show Notes – Learning to accept failure

This is the episode of the ironsysadin podcast we discuses in the podcasts

Windows admin Center is the new way to manage servers in windows 2016.

tldr command

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Admin Admin Podcast #64 – Show Notes Enter the Matrix

    • Enabling TLS 1.2 and disabling TLS 1.1, 1.0 and SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0.
      • Test your Server to what SSL/TLS version you website uses – ssl labs
      • Enable/Disable TLS versions via a GUI  –  IISCrypto
    • Immutable Infrastructures – CoreOS
      • CoreOS is a linux distribution that is completely described by YAML
      • Kubernetes – learnt a bit more about it by actually installing it (kubespray), also, trying to do it in an “air-gapped” environment proved hard work
      • kubespray works by bootstrapping python onto the CoreOS nodes so it can use ansible.
      • Doing Immutable Infrastructure with deb packages?
      • Docker
      • Terraform
        • Plan & Apply stage
        • Providers talk to cloud provider APIs
      • Lab with PXE Booting using Ansible
    • Highly available Network Appliances on OpenStack
      • Allowed_Address_Pairs – and
      • Virtual MAC address between HA members, which means adding an extra Allowed_Address_Pairs pair per Virtual MAC address
      • Ansible with Jinja2 for the Allowed_Address_Pairs variable
    • Ansible 2.5 is out
      • With_SubElements has been depreciated – still works, but documentation refers to loop and lookup plugins
      • loops can have names now
      • roles: has been replaced by include_roles
      • Ansible Galaxy roles don’t need to be the files from – you can use Git repos.
    • /
      • Bridges to Telegram and others
      • runs bridges to IRC, Slack and Gitter and host some bots and plugins.
      • Other bridges are in-place (e.g. and you can host your own.
      • French Government to use Matrix as their inter-government communication system
      • Synapse ( homeserver) federates between all the other Synapse servers, and updates the servers when they all come back online. Demo at
    • Email about Postlayer (Email and Spam Filtering) being demised
      • Replaced by Fusemail
      • Discussed open source options (no conclusion)
    • Bullet journal revisited
      • Monthly too often – weekly…
  • Audio Production by Dave Lee @thebugcast
  • Fosstalk Live
  • Glasgow Podcrawl
  • Oggcamp