Admin Admin Podcast #022 Show Notes – The Bee’s Knees

This week, Jerry is back from the dead, we discuss Andy’s upcoming mega site visit and talk AD & Lync.

Jerry back from the dead

Andy’s audacious intervention



The plan:

  • Sort the network out
  • Set up users on the new NAS box
  • Set up different share on the NAS box for different purposes (effectively different partitions)

RAID levels

  • RAID0 – striping across drives
  • RAID1 – Mirror across drives
  • RAID5 – Distributed parity
  • JBOD – Just a Bunch of Disks
  • RAID10/RAID50 – Striping and Mirroring

RAID is not backup

What happens when you RAID 24 SSD drives?


  • Offsite – in case the office burns down
  • Synology Sync
  • Crashplan

Careful with that ACT database, Andy!

Remote access

Al’s discoveries

Miscellaneous discussion

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