Admin Admin Podcast #053 Shownotes – Subnetting all the way

Gnome coming the default desktop: Popey‘s blog post and Stuart Langridge blog post
Quake drop down Terminal Al uses in linux.
OSI Model
non routable IP address
Online IP Subnet calculator
Bit Cricket Subnet Software


The Example Al was Giving: / 22 ( – The Current subnet the site was Using it could have upto 1022 Host. – – Usable IP address Range - – Devices with static IP address – – DHCP Range – Clients – – spare

We Divided the subnet into the following smaller subnets /24 -254 address for server /24 – PCI -254 address forr PCI Server /23 – DHCP – 510 address for Clients

Intro to IPv4 Subnetting Video

Subnetting Cisco CCNA -Part 1 The Magic Number Video

REST API – postman and fiddler

Lara Croft in browser

Theme hospital

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Iron Sysadmin Podcast