Admin Admin Podcast #62 Show Notes – Admin in the Ham Shack

Special Guest Co-Presenter: Russ Woodman from Linux In The Ham Shack

Errata: Jon got Streisand Routing wrong in the last show.

Russ works for a Broadband Carrier (ISP) that also supplies telephone, cellular (mobile), internet, satellite and cable. He’s in a team of 5 people, and is the main escalation point for the team.

Jon explains “Pets versus Cattle” (badly) and Russ explains they’re converting from Pets to Cattle.

The Broadband Carrier that Russ works for uses mostly open source technologies, and he is trying to move to more robust services.

He explains his path to Linux and Open Source, via VMS, BSD, Minix and SCO Unix. He started in his current job just after Y2K but has been working in System Administration for many years before that.

Russ talks about using Amateur Radio with Linux and Open Source.

We talk about how his job has changed, which is mostly in the abstraction of Hardware away from users, but Russ also talks about REST APIs and SOAP.

We all talk about Cloud reliability and cost.

Jerry brings up RINA.

Russ talks about his home network. Jon talks about “Becoming your own WISP”.

Al asks Russ about Amateur Radio and how you use it from Linux. Russ talks about different transmission modes and encoding/decoding. He then explains a bit about the Linux In The Ham Shack podcast.

Al talks about setting up a new server for hosting WordPress and how he’s moving away from FreeBSD to Ubuntu (or RedHat/CentOS). He asks for guidance about Ansible and authentication. Russ suggests OpenSUSE as an alternative to review as well. Jon mentions about commercial support. Jon also talks about the recent history of SUSE. Al asks about running sudo to become root. Jon talks about setting up TOTP (Google Authenticator) and enabling it for PAM authentication.

Al also asks about Linux permissions. Russ talks about setting permissions. There is a talk about SetUID and SetGID. Jon suggests using containers or chroot instead of trying to harden a whole machine. Jerry talks about ACLs.

Al goes on to ask about whether he’s in the right job. Jerry, Jon and Russ all provide their viewpoints.

Al mentions about a telegram group which he heard about on Tuxjam Podcast which alert you on the latest security alertsΒ

We read some feedback

We ask a question for a follow-up podcast – if you have got some suggestions about how you would do a backup for your clients and customers which doesn’t involve spending money, or at least, as cheaply as possibly.

We mention FossTalk Live (9th June at King’s Cross, London), OggCamp (18th and 19th August in Sheffield) and Podcrawl Glasgow (28th July in Glasgow).

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