Admin Admin Podcast #041 Show Notes – The NET Command

Al has been playing with RMM Products and dealing with network loops again.
Andy has been fixing gaming PCs and it always good to carry some spare terminal paste
Jerry has been learning Python with “automate the boring stuff

Synsolgy ds716+ is the NAS Al used on a client site with btrfs and Snapshot replication to second Synsolgy NAS

Ansible on Windows talk

Icinga2 is the monitoring platform Jerry is using to replace nagios.

Rclone for remote backup to dropbox (and other services) 

Al Monitoring Software:

Command to find files over 200mb in the users folder

“forfiles /P C:\users /M *.* /S /C “cmd /c if @fsize gtr 209715200 echo @path @fsize @fdate @ftime”

handle.exe to find which file is open

Process explorer 

Net Command:

Unlock domain account on a DC:

Net user accountname /DOMAIN /active:YES

Add Local User:

net user accountname

List users in the administrator Group:

net localgroup administrators

Remove domain users from a local group:

net localgroup administrators domainname\accoutname /delete