Admin Admin Podcast #034 Show Notes – Clustering

We finally got to meet at Oggcamp 2015:

2015 - 1-2

Al Has been having fun with a Windows cluster not starting

Jerry has a new job and been doing the following Stuff:

  • Crash course in AWS
  • Terraform – A way of coding an AWS (or other provider) configuration.
  • Tweaking vim
    Nerd Tree
    Vim plugins
    -Learning keyboard shortcuts(!)
  • Got a Mac! The keys are in different places …

Andy been given a Dell poweredge 6650 and playing with freenas

Jon ‘The Nice Guy’ Spriggs, Oggcamp hero tells us about a dd alternative : dcfldd. Jerry agrees it is indeed an improvment over the standard dd command.

Jerry’s rucksack, in case anyone is interested 🙂

Photos from Andy Latest Job:

swirch1switch22015 - 1 (1)