Admin Admin Podcast #032 Show notes – Scheduling IDS

32°F is the Freezing point of water

Al has a new small HP 2530p laptop which has decided on Manjaro as his chosen Linux distro
notepadqq is the linux verison of notepad++ for window.
The Command Al ran to fix his issue with the wifi not be enabled at start up:

"echo "blacklist hp_wmi" > /etc/modprobe.d/hp.conf" 

Andy fixed his issue with WordPress by replacing the broken *.php file. Also: dealing with SSD cloning and the strange case of the PC-breaking desk

    Jerry is:

  • moving into “devops” (whatever that means)
  • Has a new client with 12 servers and no control panels(!) on Linode
  • Dealing with more server backups
  • Looking at gitlab
  • Moving Nagios/Centreon into AWS

Andy ask how he can Scheduling task to do thing automatically.

Al has been playing with IDS and IPS to proctect a customer network against attacks:

Using Exchange Server Features to Prevent ‘Reply All’ Email Storms

Radiolab – Darkode – talks about Cryptowall, Russian hackers and DDoS attacks

Cool Youtube Channels:

Jerry BBC Links: